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Wendy Houses

Specialists in Wendy houses, doll houses, guard houses, camp houses, tool sheds, log cabins, holiday homes, farm houses, wooden fencing as well as decking. We also move, repair and renovate Wendy houses and anything timber related.

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Fourways Wendy Houses

Fourways Wendy Houses was established in 2004. Our mission is to meet the demand for affordable space that is constructed quickly and is available to people in all areas.

The company, with 16 years of experience,  operating 24/7, both locally and abroad according to the needs of the client.

24/7 local and across border service using the highest quality products, at reasonable prices!


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+2762 035 3376

+2762 035 3376


Unique Service Offerings

We have a wide Variety of service offerings, all professionally
Designed and built with perfection.

  • 01
    Wendy Houses, Guard Houses, Doll Houses, Tool sheds & Kennels
    We manufacture all small sized boxed houses, for humans & pets.
  • 02
    Camp Houses, Guest Houses & Double Storeys
    From kiddies play houses to Security Guard Houses right up to large Camp Houses.
  • 03
    Log Cabins, Holiday Homes, Farm Houses.
    The perfect wooden building construction, built to specification.
  • 04
    Wood Fencing & Decking
    Timber deckings made from superior quality Timber.
  • 05
    Churches, Internet cafe's, Creche's, Guest Houses & Conference Halls
    Any building that you can think of, we can build it.
  • 06
    Roof Trusses & Any Decorative wooden furniture.
    Anything you can think of from wood, we can make it!