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Fourways Wendy Houses

Established in early 2004, Fourways Wendy Houses has come from humble beginnings, bringing you the best wooden products on the market.

We move, repair and renovate Wendy houses and anything timber related. Due to popular demand and the growth in the marketing of the wood/timber industry, we also install wooden flooring as well as laminated flooring.

We understand that every one of our customers parting with their hard earned money, wish to do so with confidence, knowing that their investment is in good hands. Therefore, our attention to detail and our goal to always have happy customers, is what ultimately keeps us in business, and we will continuously strive in our efforts to improve our service offering! We believe in open communication with our customers during and after the sale to ensure a very high level of satisfaction. Our professionals are constantly seeking new ideas and we welcome suggestions on ways that we can improve our products and service.

At Fourways Wendy Houses we never EVER compromise on material quality to get the job done. We believe that consistency is the key to our success and the reason that our services are often passed on through word of mouth.


Mission Statement

Fourways Wendy Houses is dedicated to providing a “First Class Service Experience” by establishing a transparent TEAM approach thereby ensuring a commitment for on time delivery of critical project milestones.

Our focus is to initiate a process that provides accurate information for all entities so that real-time decision making and expedited problem solving are achieved. To foster a work environment that encourages new ideas, new innovations and growth.

We recognize the importance of and respond to the demands of our customers by providing the highest level of quality work. We strive to further enhance our customer satisfaction through professional competence and conduct at all times. Providing a growth orientated, secure and positive environment for our employees ensuring the best available resources are at their disposal.

The company’s core values are quality, efficiency and reliability.

– To provide our customers with the most professional, efficient and reliable carpentry services available.
– To offer high quality material and competitive pricing.
– To follow superior moral and ethical business policies and practices.
– To support and contribute to social uplift and development programs.

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Quality, Efficiency and Reliability.